giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Who we are and what we do :)

AgriBizzarra is a Social Promotion non-profit Organization that deals with :
Assisted Activities with Animals and Education Assistant with pets.
Our activities are aimed at children, the elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged and marginalized.
The interaction of Human / Animal, which initially we propose, is a purely empathic relationship. 
Almost all Animals that live in AgriBizzarra have been rescued from situations of extreme hardship or from certain death, and live in freedom and harmony. Their gratitude is unconditional LOVE that they show every day to all those who have the PRIVILEGE to share a piece of their lives with Them! In short, by AgriBizzarra, "WHO RESCUED WHO?"
In order to finance our activities and help people in need, we would like to publish a children's book, "A caress warms your heart" which tells the true story of all the animals who live with us .... told by them!! 
In the meantime, we ask to help us to support some of very high expenses we have, to manage our center!
Thank you very much!